Americans Agree: #SpendingIsTheProblem


At $16.4 trillion and rising by the minute, our national debt is hurting our economy and threatening future generations. Top Democrats can deny it all they want, but House Republicans know – and a majority of people agree – that our government has a serious spending problem.

A little more than a week ago, Speaker Boehner reached out to Americans through Twitter, Facebook and email with a simple request: tell me you your top priorities for 2013. Thousands have commented and shared with friends, and today Team Boehner is breaking down the results:

>> 85 percent say cut spending & balance the budget.

>> 70 percent want ObamaCare repealed and replaced with reforms to lower health care costs.

>> 40 percent say secure the border & enforce our laws.

>> 27 percent say reform the tax code to close special-interest loopholes & lower rates.

>> 24 percent say expand energy production to create jobs.

Additionally, nine out of 10 Americans agreed that Congress shouldn't be paid if it fails to pass a budget – and 84 percent said they prefer spending cuts instead of tax hikes to solve our debt problem.

Though they are the minority party in Washington, Speaker Boehner and House Republicans have been listening. From “no budget, no pay” legislation to force Senate Democrats to pass a budget for the first time in four years, to the PLAN Act that would force President Obama to submit a balanced budget, and Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan’s work to help put the nation on a path to a balanced budget within ten years, House Republicans are making every effort to reduce spending and help create jobs.

But to date, President Obama and his fellow Democrats have only been interested in raising taxes. In fact, the White House is now suggesting that the President’s sequester (scheduled automatic spending cuts that many, including House Republicans believe are the wrong way to cut spending) should be replaced with further tax increases on everyone in America.

It’s as if they forget President Obama got his tax increases on the wealthy last month as the nation neared the so-called “fiscal cliff.” They also raised taxes on nearly every American family and small business through the president’s health care law – ObamaCare.

Republicans believe there is a better way to reduce the deficit than raising taxes or allowing the President’s sequester to go into effect. Twice the House has passed legislation to replace the President’s sequester with responsible, common-sense spending cuts.

“Americans know that another tax hike isn’t going to help them,” Speaker Boehner said last week. “What they want is…the spending under control, so that the economy can grow and they have opportunities again… And we’re going to continue to stand with the American people.”