Voters Not Buying Democrats’ Mediscare Tactics

Democrats have been unrelenting in asserting what Politifact called the “lie of the year”: that Republicans want to “end Medicare.” In reality, Washington Democrats are the party that raided more than $700 billion from Medicare to pay for ObamaCare – which will hurt current seniors – and set up a board of unelected bureaucrats to ration seniors’ health care choices. 

Despite a barrage of misleading attacks on the Republican plan to strengthen and save Medicare over the past few weeks, the American people continue to reject the Democrats’ Mediscare tactics, as a new survey reported by Roll Call shows: “An Aug. 23-24 auto-dial poll of 1,170 likely voters conducted for the National Republican Congressional Committee found more than 54 percent of respondents saying that they did not believe ‘Republicans want to end Medicare as we know it so they can give tax breaks to millionaires.’”
Republicans are the only party in Washington who have taken action to strengthen and save our critical retirement programs.  
The tax hikes and Medicare cuts in ObamaCare law must be stopped. That’s why the House has voted repeatedly to defund, dismantle and repeal the president’s health care law in its entirety, and why the Romney-Ryan ticket has pledged to repeal and replace the job-crushing health care law.