Boehner Continues to Press Obama Administration on Iran

Speaker Boehner continues to press the Obama administration on Iran, reiterating his concern that the administration appears to be willing to accept a bad deal with the regime. 

Speaker Boehner’s goal has never changed: to stop a bad deal with Iran.  House Republicans will fight to block any deal that paves the way for Iran to get a nuclear weapon, sets off a regional arms race, and strengthens and legitimizes the government of Iran – which supports terror throughout the Middle East and continues to hold Americans hostage.

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Speaker Boehner: ObamaCare is Fundamentally Broken

Following the Supreme Court’s decision upholding ObamaCare, Speaker Boehner reaffirmed Republicans’ commitment to repeal the president’s disastrous health care law and replace it with patient-centered solutions to lower costs and increase access to care for all Americans.

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Ramping up the pressure for more answers and accountability at the VA

It’s now been one year since the American people were horrified by all the scandal that broke out at the VA – a scandal which led to VA Secretary Eric Shinseki’s resignation and President Obama’s promising that his administration, “wouldn’t tolerate misconduct” and would “Read More »

All-in for 2016: Speaker Boehner Rounds Out Staff

Speaker Boehner and our whole crew are all-in for 2016.  Are you?

Coming off of a strong 2014 cycle, in which Boehner raised more than $100 million for Republicans while traveling through 150 cities for House GOP members and candidates, we've recently rounded out our political team, which is already hard at work for our members and candidates.

Kevin McGrann will continue serving as Executive Director, overseeing all aspects of Boehner's political efforts.

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