Weekly Republican Address: This is Our Moment


WASHINGTON, DC – In this week’s Republican address, TX-23 challenger Will Hurd talks about his campaign to help fix the federal government’s mess of debt and waste, and seizes on President Obama’s recent remarks that Washington Democrats “are all folks that vote with me.”

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TX-23 Challenger Will Hurd to Deliver Weekly Republican Address

WASHINGTON, DC – House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) has selected TX-23 challenger Will Hurd to deliver the Weekly Republican Address on Saturday, October 25.  Hurd will talk about his fight to return power where it belongs: in the hands of the American people. 

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We can do better

In this week’s Republican Address, NY-01 challenger Lee Zeldin talks about ending Washington dysfunction and charting a new course for a federal government that “spends more than it takes in, fails to keep basic promises to our veterans, and squanders opportunity to create good-paying jobs.”

“We can do better, and help families get ahead, not just get by,” Zeldin says.  Check it out:

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Weekly Republican Address: We Can Do Better

WASHINGTON, DC – Delivering this week’s Republican address from Long Island, NY-01 challenger Lee Zeldin highlights the need for real, meaningful reforms to help create jobs, better serve our veterans and get America back on track for his twin daughters and their generation.  

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