A Closer Look at the Skepticism Behind the President’s Iran Deal

Partisan politics and scare tactics.

That’s how President Obama is attempting to sell the American people on his nuclear deal with Iran – but he doesn’t seem to be getting far. 

Here’s a closer look at the growing skepticism of the president’s Iran Deal:

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Countering the White House


The fight is far from over regarding #ObamaCare – via The New York Times: “Angry at what they saw as the Obama...

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Boehner Proud of GOP Accomplishments

From achieving the first real entitlement reform in nearly 20 years to advancing the first balanced budget blueprint since 2001, Speaker Boehner continues to lead House Republicans in the fight to get things done for the American people.

Remember, all of this has been done with a Democrat in the White House.

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Boehner: I Just Don’t See How this Makes America Safer

Speaker John Boehner continues to press the president on his Iran nuclear plan, recently pointing out that the Obama administration “violated every one of their own guidelines” when negotiating the potential deal.

As Speaker Boehner has said, it’s hard to believe this plan does anything to make America safer – not when:

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