Boehner on Fox News: We Need More American-Made Energy #4jobs

In an interview on FOX News with Greta Van Susteren last night, Speaker Boehner said that we need more American-made energy to address soaring gas prices and help improve our struggling economy.  Boehner also noted that “the president's policies have not only not helped the economy, they've made it worse. And when it comes to gas prices, the president says he's for an ‘all of the above’ energy strategy, but his rhetoric does not match his actions.” 

Watch the Speaker’s interview below: 

Boehner went on to highlight House Republican efforts on behalf of private-sector job creation: 
Listen, Republicans have a plan for America's job creators. We've had it since last May. This plan -- 30 bills that we've passed and sent them over to the United States Senate. The president really wants to help get the economy moving again, what he ought to be doing is call up Harry Reid and saying, ‘Hey, these are some good bills.’ Tomorrow, we're going to pass the Jobs Act. The president said nice things about t. It would help small companies have better access to capital, help them grow. And if the president, again, is serious about helping the economy, he ought to pick up the phone and call Harry Reid and say, Hey, Harry, it's time to get moving on some of these.”
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