After 1,400 Days, It’s Time for Senate Democrats to Fold

Today marks 1,400 days since Senate Democrats last passed a budget – a shameful streak that has spanned nearly four years, and $5 trillion in added debt. 

So as President Obama and Senate Democrats press on with their campaign to replace the president’s sequester with additional tax hikes on all Americans, Team Boehner is joining Republicans in calling on Democrats to scrap the tax hikes and follow the House in passing a budget that addresses our government’s spending problem in a meaningful way. 

Here’s how you can participate:

>> Follow the directions above to create a dollar arrow representing your share – now $52,000 for every man, woman and child – of the national debt.

>> Take a photo with your creation, and tweet it at @TeamBoehner with the hashtag #spendingistheproblem and #1400days, or email your photo to us at info@TeamBoehner.com

>> Check back here at the blog – and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter – later today and tomorrow to see some of the best user-submitted photos.

After four years of Washington Democrats’ “stimulus” spending and trillion-dollar deficits, our $16 trillion debt is draining the economy and threatening our future. Thanks to the House-passed “No Budget, No Pay,” the Senate finally agreed to consider a budget this year – but we can’t let up.

So send us a photo of your creation, and help us show that Americans want serious reforms to stop runaway spending, not more tax hikes that will only be used for more “stimulus” spending.

Together, we can keep pressure on Democrats to finally do its job and pass a budget that addresses the nation’s spending-driven debt.